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Our model is to empower women to provide opportunities for their children,
creating a generation of change. Working with women in developing countries gets at
the root of breaking the cycle of poverty. Women are often the sole providers for their families,
and yet there is little work available for them. By employing mothers, we empower them to
break the cycle of poverty and create brighter futures for their children.


Artisan Model
Musana artisans work full-time at our workshop in Lugazi, Uganda. For most of them, it's the first time they've received a steady
salary. The 
financial stability of employment allows artisans to provide their children with a stable home, nutritious food,
medical care and an education.

Rather than selling directly to consumers, we work through partnerships with companies like Rain International, in order to provide our artisans with consistent work on a large scale.


Educational Opportunities & Mentoring
At Musana, we believe education is an important part of progression at any age. Our artisans have opportunities to take English, business,
health and various other classes hosted at our workshop throughout the week. We also provide financial mentoring to help
artisans plan for the future.

School Fees Matching Program
One of the requirements of Musana artisans is to have all school-aged children enrolled in school. To lighten the burden, we
created our School Fees Matching Program. Artisans pay half of the required school fees for their children and we match it
to make up the rest.


Medical Treatment
We want to make sure our artisans and their families stay healthy. Through subsidizing medical costs, we guarantee that our
artisans are able to seek quality treatment for themselves and their children when necessary.L

Disease Prevention
We work to prevent sickness and disease by subsidizing mosquito nets, arranging counseling and treatment for HIV+ artisans,
hosting annual on-site HIV testing days and teaching health and first aid classes.

Community Development

Development Projects
We believe in giving back to our community in Lugazi, Uganda. By partnering with local schools, clinics and community
leaders, we're able to create a sustainable difference. Staff, artisans, interns and volunteers are regularly involved in various
projects within the community.
Lugazi Community Library
While working in Lugazi, we quickly noticed how difficult it was to access books and educational materials. After seeing this
need, we founded the Lugazi Community Library in March 2015. The library is next door to our workshop and has quickly
become even busier than we expected. The library is funded through donations, grants and sales revenue and is managed
by our locally-hired librarian.