Betty Apondi

Musana artisan in Uganda, Africa


While Betty is one of the quietest Musana artisans, she is also one of the most caring. She is friends with everyone and checks in on each of the Musana artisans daily. You can always rely on her to know what is going on in each of the women’s lives and to be trying to help them in any way possible.

Betty grew up in Tororo, a region in eastern Uganda, with her four siblings. Her older brothers raised her after her parents passed away. Coming to Lugazi in search of work resulted in a position as a housekeeper. Betty’s first marriage was a result of people she met during her time working there. Betty and her husband have four children together.

Through her Musana salary and support from the women at Musana, Betty was able to move out of her husband’s home to escape abuse inflicted upon her by his family. Betty emphasizes every day how much she loves and appreciates the women she works with who have become a family to her. Betty dreams of being able to help her children attend university and achieve their dreams of gaining the education and experience to obtain stable employment.