Musana x Sevenly for CAUSEBOX


This summer we've had the exciting opportunity to be a part of the latest CAUSEBOX by Sevenly. 
CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box filled with socially-conscious products.
Included in #CAUSEBOX03 is our teal Bumba necklace which is hand made by our artisans in Uganda.

We're excited to show CAUSEBOX subscribers and all of our amazing supporters the work
that goes in to each Musana piece.
Take a look at the handmade process behind our Bumba necklace!

Our artisans begin production by shaping each clay bead by hand.
Once shaped, the beads are sent to the kiln for firing.

After firing, the beads are strung on fishing line and tied up to be painted.
Our artisans mix the color and paint each bead by hand.
The beads dry for two days before being taken down for assembly.

Once the beads are finished, our artisans assemble the necklaces and package them
up to be shipped. The finished product is a high-quality, handmade necklace with a great story behind it.

Through steady employment and educational classes at Musana, our artisans are empowered
to break the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future for their children.


Thank you to all of the CAUSEBOX subscribers for supporting our mission
as well as the other brands included in the box.

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