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Make a donation and help us in breaking the cycle of poverty. Donor support goes towards educational programming,
training, school fees for children, healthcare supplementation, and Musana's community library. Learn more!


Musana offers internship opportunities in Lugazi, Uganda and in the U.S. at our Provo, Utah headquarters.
Students, young professionals, and creatives can gain experience in grassroots development as part of a growing social enterprise.
We offer internships in Public Health, Business Development, Office Management, Graphic Design, Photography, and Videography.
We are currently accepting Fall internship applications for U.S. based internships at our Provo, Utah headquarters.
Send us your resume and field of interest and let's chat!

Our internship program in Uganda is in partnership with HELP International.
Live in Lugazi, Uganda and work on Musana Intl. projects and community projects alike.

 Feel free to email us with questions!


Do you have a unique skill set and a desire to contribute to sustainable development? Look no further!
Musana is always looking for volunteers to act as sales reps, work on specific projects, host events, and a whole host of other things.
Reach out and we'll work together to find the right fit!