Joyce Athieno


Joyce embodies the name Musana, meaning sunlight in Luganda. Always smiling and laughing, Joyce is a sunny presence to all who know her. At the workshop, Joyce works hard and strives to learn as much as possible from the classes offered at Musana. As a smart and eager student, Joyce loves learning about any subject. 

Joyce grew up as the fourth of eight kids in Uganda's Tororo district. As a member of the small Japadhola tribe, Joyce is very unique in her heritage. As a result of her father's search for work, Joyce moved around a lot with her family when she was young. She finished level four of secondary school in Lugazi before having her first of three children. As a young mother, Joyce wasn't able to attend university but enjoys the education classes at Musna.

Joyce was hired at Musana, her first job, after having her second child. Currently, Joyce brings her youngest baby, Divine, to the workshop with her each day. Divine is loved and cared for by all of the women throughout the day. 

Joyce and her children live with her husband, who is a driver at Lugazi's sugar cane plantation. Since working at Musana, Joyce has loved being able to help with her family's financial stability. Someday, Joyce dreams of opening a children's coutique in Lugazi and having one more child with her husband.