Joyce Nakamya

Musana artisans from Uganda
When Joyce is around, the women are always laughing. Joyce loves to talk to the women that she works with, and she says she considers them her family. Though her English is still limited, Joyce is always cracking a joke in her native tongue of Luganda.

While growing up, Joyce was afforded little time for schooling. She grew up in Tororo district with her parents and 11 siblings. Her mother worked on a farm for all of Joyce’s life. When she was young, Joyce’s father was often away as a soldier, but quit when his children were older to be near the family and help on the farm.

At age twenty, Joyce and her husband moved to Lugazi to find work. Her husband works at the Scoul sugar cane plantation in Lugazi to help support Joyce and their five children.

Prior to Musana, Joyce earned money by washing clothes around her neighborhood. Since being hired, she has loved the feeling of financial security that comes with a steady job. In the future, Joyce would like to buy her own land and start a farm with her family.