Lugazi Library


Get your school, office, or organization involved and help us
open up the world through books in the Lugazi, Uganda community. 



We are fundraising towards exciting plans for the Lugazi Community Library. First, we are building a larger, more centralized library to provide better access to more readers. After seeing the success of our current space, town leadership in Lugazi donated a prime piece of land for us to establish a bigger, better library. Our current library has been functioning out of a rented space attached to our workshop, but the new establishment will be a stand-alone building in the heart of Lugazi, easily accessible to everyone.

To expand our reach even further, we are creating "mini-libraries" in the 32 schools in Lugazi. After seeing the surprising lack of books in schools, we wanted to do something to change it. Each mini-library will consist of a bookshelf with a variety of books for students to read. Our librarian, Nixon, will deliver a new set of books by motorcycle (called a "boda") regularly. The "book boda" will be used to exchange books between schools, opening new worlds to Lugazi students.


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