Monica Eyaru

Monica Eyaru, Musana artisan

Despite being one of the youngest artisans, Monica is a natural leader at the workshop. She is full of life, diligent, and committed to her work. When Monica is given a task, she devotes all of her time and energy to creating a perfect result. Monica is intelligent and takes careful notes at all of Musana’s classes, striving to learn about every subject that she can.

Monica grew up with both of her parents in Kayunga district as the second of seven children. Her father is a tailor and her mother is a janitor in a hospital. Monica’s parents taught her to be both mentally and physically strong and to work hard to achieve her goals.

Monica moved to Lugazi in search of work. She worked at Lugazi’s sugar corporation as well as a steel factory in Kampala before being employed at Musana. Monica is a single mother of four children, whom she loves to sit with and talk to about the world. Her kids dream of being doctors, teachers, and pilots. Monica dreams of being able to afford for her children to attend university and fulfill their dreams.

In the future, Monica wants to be able to purchase her own home and start a business selling spare car parts to the community.