Ruth Nakinsige

Ruth is an inspirational Musana artisan

Ruth is an inspiration to everyone on the Musana Team. Ruth struggled early on in life when she lost the use of her right leg as a child due to complications from a polio vaccine. Her true colors have shone since as she has remained positive and happy.

Ruth doesn't let her physical disability keep her from working hard or having fun. She rides to work on a make-shift wheel chair with a seat and hand pedals. You can be sure Ruth won't miss her turn to show off during dance Fridays, either! Ruth has proven to be a very hard worker and is an expert with barkcloth design and product creation. She played a major role in the launch of barkcloth notebooks and expanding barcloth product lines.

Ruth is 49 and is the sole provider for her five children, one of whom is an orphan who was left on her doorstep and she took in a few years ago. Ruth is an incredible example of hardwork, perseverance and true beauty both inside and out.