Specioza Nakitto

Specioza, Musana artisan in Lugazi, Uganda


Specioza, known as “Speci” around the workshop, is very quiet and peaceful. She is agreeable and loves working with others. She is patient and encouraging and seeks to make others feel important. Speci is dependable and is known for her consistently good work.

Speci grew up in Uganda’s Buikwe district with her eleven siblings. Her father, a market vendor, raised the twelve kids on his own after their mother left them. When she was young, Speci attended school until Primary level 7.

Speci was a mother very young and lives with her husband who is a driver. They have seven children, all of whom inherited her characteristics of working hard and being successful.

Musana was Speci’s first job ever and she has loved knowing that she will always be able to provide school fees for her children. Speci would love to save enough money to begin raising chickens on her own land someday.