Suzan Namulondo

Suzan was one of Musana's original artisans

Suzan truly lights up the room when she enters. Combined with her strong English skills and genuine interest in others, Suzan naturally brings people together and trains women in everything from English to sewing barkcloth bags. Suzan's love of her community also extends to her church where she is a devoted member of the choir.

Suzan moved to Lugazi from Busoga as a teenager to live with her brother when her grandparents could no longer afford to send her to school. After two difficult marriages and the loss of two children, Suzan began her work with Musana. Suzan is now 46 years old and has six children. She loves telling visitors about her eldest son who was the first person in their family to go to university.

For herself, Suzan dreams of owning land where she can cultivate vegetables and poultry. Like all of the artisans with Musana, Suzan has the first savings account of her life, and she works hard to set aside money to make the vision of her future become a reality.