How To Apply To Paris Saint- German Academy


Check the Official PSG Academy Website

Visit the PSG Academy Website: Navigate to the official PSG Academy website. This is the primary source for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

     Website URL: PSG Academy

Application Process

1. Age Requirements: PSG Academy, like many football academies, often has age restrictions for applicants. They may specify age groups for various programs or teams. Ensure that you fall within the specified age range for the category you’re interested in.

2. Skill Levels: The academy is likely to have certain expectations regarding your football skills and abilities. While they might not expect you to be a professional player already, having a certain level of proficiency in the game is usually a prerequisite. Consider your own skill level and whether it aligns with what the academy is looking for.

3. Experience in Football: Your playing experience and background in football will likely be a crucial factor. The academy may prefer candidates with a history of playing for specific clubs or teams. Highlight your relevant experiences in your football resume, emphasizing any notable achievements or milestones.

4. Passion for the Game: Demonstrating your passion for football can set you apart. Whether it’s through your commitment to training, your love for the sport, or your dedication to improving your skills, convey your enthusiasm for the game in your application.

5. Physical Fitness: Football is a physically demanding sport, and academies often look for players with good physical condition. Make sure you’re in good shape and ready to perform well during any trials that may be part of the selection process.

6. Academic Standing (if applicable): While the primary focus is on football skills, some academies also consider the academic performance of their players. Check whether PSG Academy has any academic requirements and be prepared to provide relevant information if needed.

7. Attitude and Sportsmanship: Your attitude on and off the field matters. Academies look for players who not only excel in their skills but also exhibit good sportsmanship, teamwork, and a positive attitude. Highlight instances where you’ve demonstrated these qualities in your application.


Prepare Application Materials

1. Create a Football Resume: Develop a comprehensive football resume highlighting your playing history, achievements, and skills. Include details like previous clubs, positions played, and notable accomplishments.

2. Submit an Application: Follow the application instructions provided on the academy’s website. This might involve filling out an online form or submitting specific documents. Pay attention to any deadlines.

Trials and Evaluation

Attend Trials (if applicable): Some academies conduct trials as part of the selection process. Be prepared to showcase your skills during these sessions.

Academic Considerations

Provide Academic Information: Certain academies consider academic performance alongside athletic abilities. Be ready to submit academic records or relevant information during the application process.

Financial Considerations

Check Fees and Costs: Investigate whether there are any fees associated with participation. Be aware of the costs involved and make necessary arrangements.

Contact the Academy

Reach Out for Clarifications: If you have questions or need clarification, use the contact information provided on the academy’s website. This may include email addresses, phone numbers, or contact forms.

Stay Informed

Monitor Official Channels: Regularly check the academy’s official communication channels for updates and announcements. This may include information on trial dates, selection results, and any other relevant details.