University Of Bath Dean’s Award For Academic Excellence Scholarship 2024/2025, Uk


This scholarship opportunity at the University of Bath in the UK could mark a significant milestone in achieving your master’s degree aspirations. Here’s an in-depth look at the details:


Academic Excellence:

Open to students of all nationalities (UK, EU, and international) showcasing robust academic credentials and a proven track record of achievement.

Course Specific:

Applicable exclusively to full-time taught master’s degree programs within the faculties of Engineering & Design, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Science.

Offer Requirement:

Applicants must hold an offer from the University of Bath for an eligible master’s course commencing in 2024.


Scholarship Value:

Each faculty bestows eight scholarships, each valued at £5,000.


The award serves as a fee waiver, specifically for the first year of study.

Additional Expenses:

While the scholarship aids with tuition, it does not encompass living expenses or other academic costs.


Financial Support:

Significantly alleviates the financial burden of pursuing a master’s degree, enabling a focused commitment to studies.

Recognition of Excellence:

Receipt of this prestigious award is a testament to your academic achievements and potential.

Potential for Networking:

Scholarship recipients may access opportunities to connect with faculty members and high-achieving peers.

Boosting Future Opportunities:

A highly regarded scholarship, such as this, can enhance your academic profile for future career or academic pursuits.

Application Process:

Application Tracker:

Submit your application through the University of Bath’s Application Tracker when applications open.

Additional Requirements:

Anticipate responding to 3-5 questions specific to the scholarship program as part of the application process.


• Apply by 4 March 2024 for a decision by 12 April 2024.

• Apply by 20 May 2024 for a decision by 20 June 2024.

Additional Resources:

Visit the University of Bath Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence Scholarship webpagefor detailed information and the application process.


• Application deadlines are imminent, so initiate the preparation of your application materials promptly.

• Thoroughly review the eligibility criteria, ensuring alignment with your course and academic profile.

• Showcase your academic achievements and potential prominently in your application questions.

• Recognize the competitive nature of this scholarship opportunity and convey your dedication and passion for your chosen field.